Top 10 Up-cycling Ideas for Your Broken Vintage Glass or Pottery

Although it’s heart breaking when you accidentally knock that precious piece of Grandma’s old depression glass off the counter, all is not lost. You can still enjoy having that gem in your daily life. If you’re a creative or artistic person, the sky is the limit in terms of things you can do with those glorious shards of glass. The following is a list of my favorite ideas for getting the most out of those broken vintage dishes:

1)     Using some grout and glue or tile adhesive that you’ve picked up at your local craft store, you could create a glass mosaic on top of an old table that’s seen better days.

2)     Using that same grout and glue, you could refresh an old serving tray to jazz up your dining room or coffee table.

3)     Again with the grout and glue, you could create a set of mosaic coasters. This would be a great project to do with the kids. Just make sure they’re careful with the broken glass. Some gloves might help.

4)     With a little silicone you could cover an old vase with the glass shards and sit it on your window sill. The sunlight shining through it will create a beautiful effect. Add some flowers and you have yourself a nice handmade gift for someone special.

5)     With some cement and a few old cake pans you could make stepping stones for the garden. Careful not to leave any sharp edges exposed.

6)     Using some clear silicone to adhere the broken glass pieces, cover some large glass jars or canisters and use them in the kitchen or bathroom to store bath salts or cotton balls or pretty much anything…

7)     Large pieces could be used for creating up-cycled stained glass windows. If you are not this daring or lack the necessary tools for this DIY you could contact your local Art Center or Stain Glass Guild and have a local artist create something for you.

8)     A pendant made from old patterned glass makes a very unique piece of jewelry. There are artisans who do this very thing. You may even be able to strike a deal with someone to buy your broken glass from you or even create a piece for you in trade. Lora from Divine Spirit Creations has a shop on Etsy where she sells the funkiest pieces of jewelry from broken Pyrex, Jadeite, Milk Glass….you name it…Check her out here

Here are some examples of her work:

Friendship Birds Pendant



I LOVE IT! She’s the ultimate Up-Cycler.

9)     A glass mosaic picture frame made from an old frame that you found at a garage sale or thrift shop is a great project and would make a lovely handmade gift for someone.

10)     If you have a rock tumbler you could create your own Sea Glass…

If you’re looking for supplies for any of these projects, take a look on They have a whole section dedicated to Mosaic Making Supplies. Here are some of the things you might need:

Of course there are so many more things you could do. The only limited by your imagination. Have fun making the most of that broken glass!

Second week of August Haul

One of the things I’m hoping to do on this blog is to review my weekly yard sale, estate sale and thrift shop finds. Hopefully I can pass on a bit of interesting information along the way, and you can see what kind of items I find that are worth re-selling. This week I visited no less than 20 garage sales and 2 estate sales. I found some nice stuff along the way.

My first find this week was a set of 4 wooden kitchen canisters from the 1960’s. I found these at a garage sale.

vintage wooden baribo-maid canisters

They were in nice shape and very solid, but were showing their age with a layer of dust and grime. After a good soak, scrubbing and a nice oil massage they look amazing. Sometimes when you’re out hunting for vintage and antique items you have to look past a bit of grime. You need to see the potential that’s hiding under decades of dust. Just like old furniture a good cleaning and some polish can mean all the difference between $5.00 and $50.00. I’m planning to post the set for sale for $35.00 CAD on my Etsy shop.

My next two items were 2 different colored green Pyrex mixing bowls, both a #403.

Pyrex #403

They both have really good gloss and are free from chips and cracks. I find I do well selling individual Pyrex pieces on my Etsy shop. Sometimes people just need to replace a missing bowl from their already existing nesting bowl set. I never pick up any Pyrex pieces that are sick from the dishwasher. I always make sure the color is shiny and the bowl is glossy inside and out. I don’t want to have an ugly piece of Pyrex on my shop.

Another amazing piece I picked up was an Indiana Glass Co. Amber Diamond Point Covered Compote with Gold Flash from the 1960’s.

Amber Diamond Point Covered Compote

This piece of glass was hiding in the back of a sweet old lady’s garage. She wanted too much money for it, but I got her to sweeten the deal and she threw in a Fire King Cereal bowl. (I am a sucker for anything Fire King). I was a bit disappointed with myself for buying it, but when I got home and washed it up, it came out absolutely gorgeous! It looks like whiskey when the sun shines through it.

Next I found a Red Dot Federal Glass Milk Glass Bowl.

Federal Bowls

Federal Glass items are very desirable and I find that they sell just as well as Pyrex. The red dots are not as bright as I’d like but it’s in great condition and I am going to pair it up with another Federal bowl I already have and make it a set.

Lastly I found a little gem at an estate sale. There wasn’t much there that I was interested in but I found this tiny little set of cocktail knives still in their original box that appeared to be unused.

Bakelite Knives

When I got them home I realized that the handles were Bakelite! It turned a nice find into an amazing find! I love it when I find small unique vintage items. It’s so much easier to ship something like this versus a large casserole dish or nesting bowl set.

Some of these are items are already up for sale online and the rest will be available soon.